Embrace It

Another poem I wrote for English class.

Everywhere we look,

scrutiny stares us in the face,

seeking flaws with glaring cat eyes.

We can’t run like Jonah-

no matter our olympic speed,

someone’s always faster.

I can’t cower under my blankets like a child,

hiding from this monster.

It will find me at my lowest:

vulnerable and scared,

like that child on their first day of school.

Don’t run,

Don’t hide,

Embrace it.

We all do it-

judge that is.

Spitefully spewing lies;

gossipy girls,

“The look” given in passing.

Deliberately or not,

Subconscious or purposeful,

it’s in our nature.

However  we’re told to “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

so why do we?

Human fault-

unavoidable as sinners.

No matter how many times attempted

we fall short daily,

imperfect vermin of this world.

Instead of being destroyed by it,

deal with it;

don’t conform but be transformed.

Judgement should not define us,

scrutiny should not hurt us,

it should strengthen us.


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