I’m Lazy and I Know It

Tonight my mom frustratingly reminded me how lazy I am. My initial reaction was to raise my voice and show my annoyance (she’s not the easiest person for me to get along with) instead I simply agreed with her. I don’t deny that I’m lazy. In fact, I 100% agree that I am the epitome of lazy. One of my favorite things to say is “I’ll do it later.” (And I do) but she hates when I udder those words.  She wants to know why I don’t do it immediately.

And my answer is: because I’m seventeen, I only have 4 more months of childhood, I want the least amount of responsibilities possible while I still can. Because too soon I’ll be paying for college (all on my own), making decisions I surely don’t think I’m adequately prepared to make, and because who knows how many more years I’ll have the opportunity to “do it later.” One day I hope to be married and have kids and when that time in my life comes I know I’m going to have no other choice but to do it now.

So give me some space, give me a task and I’ll get it done. Don’t remind me ten times in the hour, I haven’t forgot. Let me savor these last few months of “childhood” while I can.


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