Senioritis in More Than One Way

Most of you have probably heard the term senioritis. If not, it basically means you could care less about your grades and homework because you’re a senior and do they really matter anymore? 

Yes, I do suffer from this “disease” very badly. I sit on the computer and avoid my homework eventually deciding not to do it because how much is a twenty point assignment really going to hurt my grade. I not only don’t do my work but I stopped putting effort into what I look like. I wear sweat pants or leggings (with something that covers my butt with it) about 90% of the time. And guess what, I have no shame because I don’t care. Make up is an occasional occurrence usually when I need to cover some beautiful red acne scattered across my imperfect skin. 

But you know what, if feels so good not to care. To be comfortable throughout my day is far better than wearing heels that pinch my feet and having to sit like a lady while in my cutsy little skirt. 

I’m going to enjoy my senior year to the best of my ability and if that means laziness to a new degree then so be it. 

Do you or have you suffered from senioritis? Did you regret it or was it worth it? 


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