As Seniors, we’re often asked what our plans are for the future. Where we’re going to college and what we plan on studying. Some have known the desires for their lives since the time most kids claim they want to be a princess or fireman-determined to make them reality. Yet others–like me, are clueless. Ideas have come and gone, but nothing has been locked down in the vault to stay.

When I first realized it was time to start figuring out my life, I was a wreck. I felt vulnerable, alone–like an unprepared child; being raised as an independent individual made this a foreign realm.

A month and a half-sixty two days-until I walk across the sweat induced track in my blue ripply gown, identical to my fellow 275 students and I still don’t know. I don’t know what’s in store for my future. Unaware of what’s to come, but I’m sure it’s complicated, like all my pointless high school relationships.

Surprisingly, I’m now okay with it, not knowing that is. Ask me two months ago and I would have cringed with the thought of telling another person that I haven’t decided. Now, I’ve accepted that I don’t know. Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t planned out that work out best.


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