At five, I finally built up the courage to ask my Grandpa to take the worn training wheels off my girly pink Barbie bike.

I went around my house, person to person, asking for help to learn how to ride my new two wheeler. However, all I heard was maybe later, no, and I’m too busy. Slightly discouraged I walked out the door to my bike resting in the driveway, hopped on determined to do it myself.

I peddled circles just like I’d seen my dad show my sister from home videos. I fell. And got up. And fell. And got up until finally I had accomplished something on my own; with a few scrapes on my knees the scars never fading to this day.

Sometimes you can only depend on yourself, because people will continue to let you down. So believe in yourself, be determined to do something on your own, look at it through a child’s perspective; don’t give up, peddle on.

To this day, the fact I taught myself how to ride a bike is a constant joke about how being the youngest of four by a substantial amount of years I was deprived of childhood moments. I wasn’t given as much attention, I don’t have as many baby pictures to cherish but it makes the ones I do have that much more special. That day I road in circles over and over was the day I learned what independence is and the importance of it in this world.


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