The Unwritten Life

(Poem I wrote for college writing)

Picturing you,
freckles lightly scattered across your face, like Stephanie.
Squinty blue eyes, like Cory;
and strawberry blonde hair
cascading across your large forehead, like Caleb.
you will forever be a mental image,
solely existing in my mind, never escaping.

I imagine,
griping over sharing a car,
ungrateful brats, unaware of our numerous blessings.
Lounging in the homey living room,
stressing over
college apps,
our future.
Talking about our
and failures,
confiding in each other-
best friends to no end.
Through it all, depending on you to get me through my worst nightmares.
you’re only alive in my vast imagination.

I wonder,
how different my life would be
if I had my partner in crime
fighting this cruel world beside me.

I could spend an eternity pondering “if only land,”
imagining what life would have been like with my other half-
my twin, Austin.
But I shan’t dwell too long,
it won’t bring him back.
It won’t make life fair
or help me understand why I lived
and he died.

So instead of mulling,
I must move on.
Remembering everything happens for a reason,
a reason for my parent’s loss,
and a reason for my life.


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