Cheer Up

Some of us (me included) tear ourselves down more than anyone else has or ever will. We’re our own worst enemy and are in a constant struggle with ourselves. Our thoughts imprison us from happiness.

Instead of destroying yourself through negative thoughts, what ifs, and worry; live by this quote “Be nice to yourself. It is hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.” Christine Arylo

If we don’t treat ourselves right how can we expect others to? WE are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness isn’t a formula that can be solved in a few steps, it takes courage to release whatever you may be holding onto to keep you from being free.

Everyone has a different form of happy, find yours. BUT first, find what’s keeping you from discovering it. Let go of your worrying, because it does absolutely no good. Stop trying to control all situations, because you usually can’t. Let it be! The sooner we all come to terms with that strong three worded sentence the sooner we can move on and let whatever happen, happen.

Do you find yourself constantly over thinking or worrying? Any tips you have for fellow readers to come to terms that it does no good to worry?


2 thoughts on “Cheer Up

  1. I tend to not worry about things because in the long run I know that whatever I am worrying about will not have much affect on how things will turn out. The only tip I would say is just to realize is that life is too short to waste it worrying about everything, besides, it’s exhausting 🙂

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