Gone Too Soon

Today I discovered after work that a student from my high school committed suicide; and I broke.

No, I didn’t know him well. I won’t claim that we were best friends to get attention. But in a high school with less than 1,000 everyone at least knows of everyone.

I broke because of how low of a low he must have been at.

I broke because life isn’t fair.

I broke because I can’t even fathom what his parents and sister feel right now. The agony.

I broke because he’ll never get another breath, another chance.

I broke because no one deserves to feel that alone. To feel as if that’s their only option.

I broke because I wonder if anything could have stopped him. A selfless act of kindness by anyone.

I broke because I’m here and he’s not able to be.

And I’m not a friend and I’m not his family, and I still broke. My heart aches for his friends and family.

Even thinking about a loved one leaving destroys me.

Just remember, it will get better. It’s not worth taking your life. No matter how bad of a time you’re going through. Search for a reason to live, because we all have one. Reach out to someone, anyone. Friend, family, stranger.

And be kind to one another. Follow the golden rule, treat others as you’d like to be treated. Your words could
make or break someone. If you feel like something’s not right, reach out to someone. You could save a life.


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