Do What Makes You Smile on the Inside and Out

Sing (or screech) at the top of your lungs.

Dance like a fabulous fool.

Write your inner most thoughts, for you or for others.

Make jokes; whether they’re funny or not.

Take a peaceful nap.

Binge watch a cheesy tv series.

Eat a large bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

Make frosting just to eat it, forget the cake or cookies.

Do something kind, forget feeling awkward. That awkward moment will only last a brief time, the end result will most likely be worth it. 

Escape your reality and dive into an excellent book. 

Run, bike, lift, stretch it out.

Fill up the bath tub with steamy water and fluffy bubbles.

Roll your windows down, blast your music and just drive. 

Shoot some hoops. 

Cuddle with your cat or dog. 

Go out with your friends.

Stay in with your friends.

Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t mention something that relaxes you or makes you smile; the point is, stop making excuses and do something for you. Do what makes you happy; it’s all about the small things in life. 




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