Body Love Part 1

Mary Lambert, a singer that has recently come into the limelight in the music industry has a strong message for woman and their bodies.

Haven’t heard of her? I strongly suggest you do. Listen. 

I know girls that are trying to fit in the social norm like trying to fit into last years prom dress.” 

My four years of high school have shown proof of the accuracy of this statement. I’m sure at one point we’ve all fit into this category, even if it was just because of a brief thought. People, girls in this particular circumstance; will often go to the end of the world to fit into the “social norm” whatever it may be. Sadly, what these girls don’t put much thought into is that the likelihood of it mattering in five years from now is slim to none.

Is it worth losing your virginity so that *insert sports team here* “likes you? They certainly don’t like you for the right reasons. Is it worth getting wasted and ending up with an MIP by the end of the night because you weren’t careful? Is it worth losing your parents trust when you’re on probation and you got suspended or expelled from school because of that MIP? Ask yourself: will it have been worth it in five years? 

It’s never easy to admit that our bodies are fallible and flawed.”

No one likes the fact that their body is flawed, no matter what it may be. The first thing that probably comes to mind is weight, but there are countless other ways bodies can be flawed; and it’s okay, it’s part of what makes us human. Weight, paralyzed, blind, deaf, small chest, large chest, too scrawny, bald, amputation, conjoined twins, thunder thighs.  Clearly some worse than others, but no matter what you consider your “flaw” to be, embrace it. EVERYONE else’s body is flawed in some way even Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper (Biggest Loser Trainers.)

“We might as well be buried with our shoes and handbags and scarves.”

Pretty self explanatory. Don’t let your brand name clothing, the kind of car you drive, or where you vacation on Spring break define you. As you all know money can’t buy happiness. Sure, maybe for a little while. But in the end; do you want to spend your Friday night wearing your name brand clothing in your Ferrari, with no one to spend it with other than a bottle of Brandy?

“I only know how to exist when I’m wanted.” 

When you don’t feel wanted, just think. 

If you were to suddenly vanish, someone would miss you. Someone’s life will be impacted: a family member, a friend, even a pet.

Remember, you’re wanted, you’re needed, you’re important. 


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