What I Love About Fall


I have a great appreciation for all seasons; and I’ve been blessed to live in a four season state and see all the beautiful changes each brings. Fall however, is by far my favorite, and here are some reasons.

Endless amounts of Apple Cider. Mmmm, so good! We constantly have a vast supply in the house, sipping on it whenever we please.

When I walk outside, the vibrant colors of the leaves never cease to amaze me.

There’s nothing like the crisp air when it fills your lungs and wakes you up. So refreshing.

Haunted houses, because who doesn’t enjoy a good scare?

Devouring a warm donut with cider to wash it back at a cider mill! 🙂

Corn maizes, because getting lost and attempting to find each check point is way more fun than it sounds.

Sweaters, sweaters galore. I love wrapping up in a nice comforting sweater to keep warm. Not to mention how easy it is to be stylish and comfortable, always a bonus!

Halloween! Candy, dressing up, parties-Sounds good to me!

Everything pumpkin. Carving, lattes, pies, seeds, coffee cake; so many fun options!

The heavy rain pounding on the roof as I drift off to sleep.

Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are always better in the fall and winter months.

Gathering around a bonfire to keep warm. The smell, the atmosphere, the people; I love every bit of it.

Orchard apples, so fresh and sweet. No other apple compares.

Thanksgiving, being surrounded by family; appreciating all you have. Not to mention the delicious food.

What do you love about fall, any I didn’t mention? I’d enjoy to hear what you love about fall or any other season for that matter!


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