The Start of Something New

Tomorrow at 10:20 A.M. marks the beginning of my college education, and that’s insanity. 

Where in the world did the last twelve years of grade school go? It seems like just months ago I was home schooled hiding my homework pages behind furniture; telling my mom I lost them. (Surprisingly she usually bought it..)

It feels like just weeks ago I was begging my parents to let me go to middle school at our local public school district; resentful that I wasn’t able to be “normal.”

It feels like days ago my best friend and her dad picked me up for my first day of public school as a fourteen year old. (Remember, homeschooled)

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years; and suddenly (or not so suddenly), a dozen years of education are beyond me. 

So tomorrow begins a new adventure. I have no clue what to expect, I’m unprepared, and slightly nervous. But if I can go from being homeschooled to going to public school I think I’ll manage. 

When Everyone’s Leaving

Freshman year of college is upon me and my fellow high school graduates. If I were to do what most do I’d be packing (way too much) to head off to a college that is way too expensive.  But I’m not, and that’s hard for me. 

Instead, I’m living at home with my parents and attending community college.

As I scroll through Instagram I see my friends posing in their new dorm rooms many adventures ahead of them. On Twitter I see, “Bye St. Joe, hello college!” Or “JUST ORDERED MY FIRST PIZZA AS A COLLEGE STUDENT!” (I have strange friends.) While parents post on Facebook about being empty nesters sending their baby off to adulthood. And I can’t relate. 

What I can relate to is having to pay for college on my own. 

Making the tough decision to stay home and save thousands of dollars. (Doesn’t sound tough.)

Living with my parents. 

Working through school. 

And seeing people get  away from the town where everyone knows everyone; a fresh start. 

Sure, it’s not my ideal situation, but it is what it is. I know that this decision will prevent me from having four years of debt but rather two.

What helps me through it?

A few of my close friends are staying right beside me in the town we grew up in. 

The amount of money I’m saving… Let’s just say my bank account is thankful and so is my sanity. 

I get to stay with my dog. 🙂

I have a job that works around my schedule very well.

And I’ll get my chance, eventually. 

Making the right choice financially sometimes stinks, but it’s worth it in the long run and that’s what really counts.

Never Too Old

Everyone knows or has known a child who constantly asks questions. A child attempting to gain knowledge from any source possible. “But why?” They say repeatedly in their adorable voices.

That wondering is still there floating around, but it gets harder and harder to ask the questions that boggle us because as adults we’re called to know; when frankly, that’s unrealistic.

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that keep you up at night. Don’t fear being scoffed at, go to someone who will help you expand your knowledge as best as they can.

Ask questions and be life long learners.

It’s Okay Not to Know

Firefighter, photographer, social case worker, teacher, hair dresser, architect, lawyer, judge, police officer, writer, mattress tester (best job ever right?), coast guard, coach.
All of these listed are phases I’ve gone through for career choices. All at different age levels, some more recent than others.

In my 18 years I haven’t decided what I want to do with my life, I have a few ideas but nothing set in stone. I’ve decided to go into communications because with that degree I can do a few different occupations I’m interested in.

What I’ve learned in the past year is that knowing when you’re 18 is so unrealistic. How am I, barely an adult, supposed to know what I want to do for the next 35 years?

For those who know, and actually stick to that major, good for you. That’s amazing and I’m slightly jealous.

To those who don’t, it’s okay! Chances are you’re going to change your major at least once in college anyway so why waste time and money on classes you don’t need? Why do something you won’t be happy with. Wait it out, one day, it will come to you, I promise.

We’re young adults and it’s sad that were pressured to have our life all figured out. We should be enjoying these years because once they’re gone they’re gone.

What has your experience been with career choices? Did you know right off the bat or did it take you awhile? Did you feel pressured to know? Feel free to share. 🙂