What I Love About Fall


I have a great appreciation for all seasons; and I’ve been blessed to live in a four season state and see all the beautiful changes each brings. Fall however, is by far my favorite, and here are some reasons.

Endless amounts of Apple Cider. Mmmm, so good! We constantly have a vast supply in the house, sipping on it whenever we please.

When I walk outside, the vibrant colors of the leaves never cease to amaze me.

There’s nothing like the crisp air when it fills your lungs and wakes you up. So refreshing.

Haunted houses, because who doesn’t enjoy a good scare?

Devouring a warm donut with cider to wash it back at a cider mill! 🙂

Corn maizes, because getting lost and attempting to find each check point is way more fun than it sounds.

Sweaters, sweaters galore. I love wrapping up in a nice comforting sweater to keep warm. Not to mention how easy it is to be stylish and comfortable, always a bonus!

Halloween! Candy, dressing up, parties-Sounds good to me!

Everything pumpkin. Carving, lattes, pies, seeds, coffee cake; so many fun options!

The heavy rain pounding on the roof as I drift off to sleep.

Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are always better in the fall and winter months.

Gathering around a bonfire to keep warm. The smell, the atmosphere, the people; I love every bit of it.

Orchard apples, so fresh and sweet. No other apple compares.

Thanksgiving, being surrounded by family; appreciating all you have. Not to mention the delicious food.

What do you love about fall, any I didn’t mention? I’d enjoy to hear what you love about fall or any other season for that matter!

Things I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe growing up in church is always good. Sometimes you feel like a robot; wondering if you were just playing the part you were taught all your life or if it was actually sincere. Sometimes it destroys you and your faith.

I don’t believe money can fix all your problems.

I don’t think being popular or liked, at any stage in life is worth straying from your true form.

I don’t believe when people say they’re praying for you they really are. They might be, but it’s such a universal thing to say that even non-religious people say it. It’s something to say to ease the awkwardness. If you actually do it, then kudos to you.

I don’t believe we have any right to judge each other; but that certainly doesn’t stop any of us, me included. “Don’t judge someone because they sin differently.” 

I don’t believe saying sorry fixes things, sometimes it’s just not enough.

I don’t believe revenge is ever good. Although I’ve certainly contemplated it, I know deep down it won’t solve things.

I don’t believe the government should have much control over our personal lives. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” -Thomas Jefferson

I don’t believe treating someone poorly just because we view politics, religion, parenting, etc. differently is ever okay.

I don’t think we have any right to assume we’re better than others by their appearances, we can’t see their hearts.

I don’t think we realize how much people around us are hurting, and how much our words can change someones world. For better or for worse, but hopefully for better.

Busy Busy Bee

Change the oil.




Birthday party.

Petsit again.



Get headlight fixed.



Work again.



Class again.

More homework.


Social life?

I’ve discovered my days have recently been filled to the brim, especially this past week or two.

Trying to keep up with all of it has been overwhelming, but also nice to be busy. To have a purpose.

However, I do miss my alone time. My blogging. My long showers. Reading. Binge watching a t.v. series.

When the days, weeks, or months get crazy busy what do you do to make room for alone time?  Or possibly time with your friends?

I’m looking forward to a more laid back week coming up, and ending it with a trip to the family cabin! 🙂

Body Love Part 1

Mary Lambert, a singer that has recently come into the limelight in the music industry has a strong message for woman and their bodies.

Haven’t heard of her? I strongly suggest you do. Listen. 

I know girls that are trying to fit in the social norm like trying to fit into last years prom dress.” 

My four years of high school have shown proof of the accuracy of this statement. I’m sure at one point we’ve all fit into this category, even if it was just because of a brief thought. People, girls in this particular circumstance; will often go to the end of the world to fit into the “social norm” whatever it may be. Sadly, what these girls don’t put much thought into is that the likelihood of it mattering in five years from now is slim to none.

Is it worth losing your virginity so that *insert sports team here* “likes you? They certainly don’t like you for the right reasons. Is it worth getting wasted and ending up with an MIP by the end of the night because you weren’t careful? Is it worth losing your parents trust when you’re on probation and you got suspended or expelled from school because of that MIP? Ask yourself: will it have been worth it in five years? 

It’s never easy to admit that our bodies are fallible and flawed.”

No one likes the fact that their body is flawed, no matter what it may be. The first thing that probably comes to mind is weight, but there are countless other ways bodies can be flawed; and it’s okay, it’s part of what makes us human. Weight, paralyzed, blind, deaf, small chest, large chest, too scrawny, bald, amputation, conjoined twins, thunder thighs.  Clearly some worse than others, but no matter what you consider your “flaw” to be, embrace it. EVERYONE else’s body is flawed in some way even Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper (Biggest Loser Trainers.)

“We might as well be buried with our shoes and handbags and scarves.”

Pretty self explanatory. Don’t let your brand name clothing, the kind of car you drive, or where you vacation on Spring break define you. As you all know money can’t buy happiness. Sure, maybe for a little while. But in the end; do you want to spend your Friday night wearing your name brand clothing in your Ferrari, with no one to spend it with other than a bottle of Brandy?

“I only know how to exist when I’m wanted.” 

When you don’t feel wanted, just think. 

If you were to suddenly vanish, someone would miss you. Someone’s life will be impacted: a family member, a friend, even a pet.

Remember, you’re wanted, you’re needed, you’re important. 

Do What Makes You Smile on the Inside and Out

Sing (or screech) at the top of your lungs.

Dance like a fabulous fool.

Write your inner most thoughts, for you or for others.

Make jokes; whether they’re funny or not.

Take a peaceful nap.

Binge watch a cheesy tv series.

Eat a large bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

Make frosting just to eat it, forget the cake or cookies.

Do something kind, forget feeling awkward. That awkward moment will only last a brief time, the end result will most likely be worth it. 

Escape your reality and dive into an excellent book. 

Run, bike, lift, stretch it out.

Fill up the bath tub with steamy water and fluffy bubbles.

Roll your windows down, blast your music and just drive. 

Shoot some hoops. 

Cuddle with your cat or dog. 

Go out with your friends.

Stay in with your friends.

Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t mention something that relaxes you or makes you smile; the point is, stop making excuses and do something for you. Do what makes you happy; it’s all about the small things in life. 



Fitting In

All my life I’ve desired to “fit in.” I think just about everyone can relate one way or another. 

By fitting in, most probably assume at school or work, but not me. Sure, that’d be nice; but I don’t feel the need to fit in in those surroundings. I’m perfectly content with a few close trustworthy friends. Quality before quantity. 

For me, I’ve always wished to fit in with my family. Yes, you heard me right, my family. 

5 years 9 months, eight years 9 months, and eleven years 9 months is the timeline separating me with my three older siblings, I refuse to round up another year. Old habits from when I was young die hard.     

Like most toddlers/young kids I was demanded to take a nap (especially on Sundays.)  I would rest my head where you’d normally put your feet so I could just barely see out my door that lead into the kitchen. Waiting for signs of movement and listening intently for any conversations I might be missing. Wanting with all my heart to be involved with the “big kids.” 

As a kid I was banned from playing with my brothers and their friends. When around me they’d spell out the word T-R-A-M-P-O-L-I-N-E or B-I-K-E R-I-D-E to avoid having to drag me along. Thanks guys. 

As a pre-teen, I’d be sent to go clean my room, go to bed, or just simply leave when any topics were deemed inappropriate for my ears. Hurt and disappointed I’d walk away grudgingly no matter how many times I argued. Why was I the one to have to leave, why couldn’t have they left? I’d think to myself bitterly. To this day I resent them for it. I settled from listening from a far, and let me tell you, I did; with hot angry tears streaming down my face. 

I constantly wanted to be older. I wanted to be able to be seen as a mature young adult to my siblings. I craved to be accepted by them. 

Not fitting in with the big kids definitely sucked at the time, and I was very hurt and discouraged; but at eighteen, legally an adult, I don’t know what I thought the hype was about. I’ll never catch up to my brothers and sister. They’ll always be almost 6, 9, and 12 years older than I. We’ll always be in different walks of life. I’ve accepted it. I no longer desire to be older because once you are you can never go back. At 18, all I want is to be 10 again with my only responsibilities being chores and homework. 

So instead of living for the future too much and the past too much, I’m attempting to live here where I’m currently at. I’ll get to the good times when I’m older, but for now I need to cherish the good times I’m in. 


The Start of Something New

Tomorrow at 10:20 A.M. marks the beginning of my college education, and that’s insanity. 

Where in the world did the last twelve years of grade school go? It seems like just months ago I was home schooled hiding my homework pages behind furniture; telling my mom I lost them. (Surprisingly she usually bought it..)

It feels like just weeks ago I was begging my parents to let me go to middle school at our local public school district; resentful that I wasn’t able to be “normal.”

It feels like days ago my best friend and her dad picked me up for my first day of public school as a fourteen year old. (Remember, homeschooled)

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years; and suddenly (or not so suddenly), a dozen years of education are beyond me. 

So tomorrow begins a new adventure. I have no clue what to expect, I’m unprepared, and slightly nervous. But if I can go from being homeschooled to going to public school I think I’ll manage.