I try to claim that life isn’t fair. That what I did/do wasn’t that bad. Denial is key, right?

Unfortunately it’s not. No matter how much we may want denial to work, it won’t. The reality of it is that you did make a mistake. You did make a wrong choice. You did have a lapse in judgement.

Running from the problem isn’t going to help anything. Take responsibility and own up to your mistakes; face the consequences. Everyone makes them.

Learn from them but don’t let your mistakes define you.


Life is a complicated beautiful mess.

This sentence is rather contradictory but that’s how life is. One moment it’s tearing you down so low you didn’t know that low of a low existed. The next you’re catching yourself smiling for different reasons, big or small.

So in the low times, remember precious ones are present. And in the good times, remember to grab that moment and cling to it because life isn’t always enjoyable.